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H-TEN Welding Solutions

In H-Ten welding solutions, we endeavour to associate with premium brands and products for the developing market. It is a premium yet affordable range which suits both, regular as well as maintenance applications. H10 welding solutions has the product range, where raw material is sourced from Europe and east Asia. The products match the exact requirements of ASME/AWS standards followed in India.

H-Ten products find favour across a vast range of industrial segments like fabrication, construction and erection of power plants, fossil fuel, nuclear, non-conventional energy-based, petroleum refining and downstream product segment, mining, oil and natural gas production both on and offshore.

H-Ten TIG wires are available in low alloy range weld chemistry. They are fine tuned to produce porosity and crack free welds. GTAW/GMAW wires in low alloy range offer good feed-ability with regular wire feeder.The weld chemistry ensures enough de-oxidants to ensure usability with mixed gases thereby producing welds, free from porosities and cracks.

The stainless steel range offers both normal silicon and high silicon wire grades.

H-ten and its technology partners have the enterprise to suggest customised solutions as per customer request and the same will be delivered within the stipulated time.

Increasing awareness of the improved productivity, higher metal deposition rates and reduced fumes offered by wired consumables drives the total consumables market in India. In lieu of this awareness, H-Ten specialises in automation, and actively promotes the use of flux cored wires and metal cored wires among several end-users.

H-Ten supports its customers with after-sales service, technical education and consultancy services along with its industrial sales of welding consumables and welding accessories .

H-Ten has established numerous partnerships with various industries as a supplier who caters to integrated engineering services ? from consumables, machines, welding accessories, etc.

The product group will be ever expanding to meet consumer demands

We welcome you to the premium grades yet affordable for your regular production as well as maintenance applications.

H-Ten's products and solutions are widely used in following segments :

  • Power & Nuclear applications
  • Oil&Gas / Petrochemical
  • Foundry Application
  • Defence Applicatio
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Abrasives
  • Full Range Of Accessories

We Specialise in

Power & Nuclear Applications

Whether you are manufacturing components for the power generation and nuclear industries, operating primary/secondary assets, for repairs and maintenance of such assets, We can help with your all your welding needs.

Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

Maintaining the strength and corrosion resistance of weld joints exposed to aggressive environments is a requirement in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The lowest possible failure rates demand welding solutions that can produce the highest quality joints. High pressures and high stresses in a corrosive environment are typical operating conditions for parts used in this industry. H-Ten team possess the required technical enterprise to produce custom tailored welding consumables for joints with small heat affected zones and minimal heat affects to the parent material.

Foundry Application

During production of castings, welding is used as a cosmetic or structural repair process, or to attach features to the parent casting that could not be cast into the part. H-Ten provides welding solutions that are weld leak proof, does not contain weld porosity, and the weld material becomes homogeneous with the parent casting. The bond between the parent metal and weld is fully fused. Our team is ready 24x7 to provide welding solutions to all types of casting repair.

Defence Application

Welding and joining play a key role in the fabrication of all defence platforms and in an attempt to progressively improve performance, capability and availability, H-Ten offers advanced solutions to new challenges that arise in the joining technology areas especially to weld metals with increased strength / hardness efficiently and with increased productivity.

Heavy Fabrication

H-Ten offers welding solutions for some of the largest custom and structural fabrications, We have a proven track record of supplying consumables for large and complex fabrications such as clean air, furnaces, large duct work, bulk storage, material handling, structural steel, tanks. Hoppers, and chutes for industries that include utilities, mining, oil & gas, industrial, alternative energy and solar...


Whether you are cutting, grinding, blending, sanding, cleaning or finishing we are consistently setting the standards for high performance abrasive products. Our abrasive solutions are made to outlast and outperform, from start to finish.

Full Range Of Accessories

Welding Equipment - Basic Equipment - Protective Gear
Getting started with welding can be quite intimidating for anyone who is new to the field. For experienced welders, there is always another tool to buy for each new project that comes along. The selection can be staggering with so many choices out there. H-Ten offers top of the line products from leading companies so that welders don't have to wonder about the quality of their purchases.

Product Range

The H-Ten Welding Solutions product range includes welding consumables in a comprehensive range of grades for the following welding processes :

Welding Consumables

Welding process ISO AWS
Metal inert gas welding/Metal active gas welding MIG/MAG GMAW
Tungsten inert gas welding TIG GTAW
Submerged arc welding SAW SAW
Manual metal arc welding MMA SMAW
Fluxed core arc welding FCAW FCAW